“You are incredibly talented and gifted, and I am truly grateful that I met you and had the opportunity to benefit from your dedication to the craft of healing. I have been carrying some sorrow around with me for quite some time and have had difficulty releasing it. This sorrow had literally cut me off from connecting with my body and its potential. I could intellectually let it go, but my body had not physically or spiritually let it go until my session with you. I’m not quite sure what or how it happened, but during my session with you I could feel this wave of unsettled grief literally rise up and out of me. Your work removed both the grief and the fear that has dictated my life choices, and opened the door to the possibility, I should say “knowability”, that my ideal vision for my life is within my grasp if I reach out for it. And to think I was expecting a run-of-the-mill massage! Thank you for your kindness and compassion.”

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Elevated Yoga AcroSage Technique