Among Tyler’s many gifts is his ability to both create and hold sacred space ~ which includes the rare quality of showing up with full presence while simultaneously getting out of the way so as to open the channel for the true alchemy of healing to take place. He provides a safe and strong container which deeply supports letting go, internal communion and clarity


“I’m a typical bunched-up guy when it comes to accessing deep emotion and I had always heard stories about how bodywork could be a trans-formative way to heal buried trauma. But try as I might over many years, I went nowhere. Then I met Tyler. In my first session, in a matter of moments, I was accessing a range of emotion that had been denied to me for my entire


“Tyler provided such a safe, non-judgmental space that my deep wounding could surface and thus engage in its healing. His work is a harmonious, integrated and a mature tapestry of experience, knowledge and intuition. My experience with him was extraordinary and unique. I highly recommend everybody to get a session with him!”


“What I love about you Ty, is that you are deep, intense, bright and gentle…you are not frightened off by vulnerability, no matter how it looks – and you stay in there to discover together again and the ever moving amazing practitioner of the arts, you are. Such a cherished being. Warrior of the mountain


“Tyler’s presence creates a deep and lasting transformation in each person’s individual healing process. As a body worker and gifted healer Tyler brings a new depth and dimension to the healing retreat experience. His sensitivity, compassion and intuition allow him to know exactly what each person needs at


“Tyler integrates diverse healing modalities and traditions into a custom suited session that is in aligned with one’s own unique needs. I suggest you experience his work only if you are open for profound transformation and healing. Yes three thousand and three suns spiral chaos symmetry around the immeasurable circumference of my heart colliding with fingers of creator


“The extraordinary sensitivity and awareness that Tyler works with is in a way that can help anyone feel comfortable and relaxed. His touch has a way of shifting awareness so we remember how own body systems work.  Due to his natural intuition, he helped me shift in ways that carried forward into everyday


“Tyler embodies the qualities of quiet strength and mindful confidence in his work. Skillfully blending stillness and movement, his gentle hands-on approach and knowledge of the body made me relax completely during this amazingly creative and surrender-ful practice.”


“Tyler is a very unusually gifted practitioner. He has mastered and healed things in his own body that most of us can only aspire to in a lifetime, and conveys it through an original method. I highly recommend getting a session from him. I felt open and free for a long time after my last one.”


“Experiencing Tyler’s work as he uses his intuitive sense, strength, and guidance of breath, truly gave me an opportunity to fully surrender to the core of my being. Their is no other place to go but inside, when experiencing Tyler’s work. What a gift he is to the world.”


“In ways big and small, my experience with Tyler is still all around me. For a full week after our work, I felt all sorts of shifting and settling in my womb area especially. Unbelievably profound, like something was literally moved around in there allowing new life in. So much of my experience is cloaked in mystery


“You are incredibly talented and gifted, and I am truly grateful that I met you and had the opportunity to benefit from your dedication to the craft of healing. I have been carrying some sorrow around with me for quite some time and have had difficulty releasing it. This sorrow had literally cut me off from connecting with


“I have had the pleasure of knowing Tyler for the past 4 years. I have recently been engaged with him in a series of treatments that have proven to be quite profound. Each successive treatment has lead to a greater sense of trust. Tyler has the gift of letting go of his ego and trusting that he is being guided by his higher self. Another


“The work that Tyler does on my body is miraculous to me. He manages to manipulate my bones, ligaments, muscles, adhesions in such a way ~ that I feel as if I am getting a complete tune-up from the inside out. I feel as if each miniscule part of my physical being has been visited, considered, coaxed and released to the


“Tyler is a master bodyworker ~ the level of presence he brings and understanding that he has of the psycho-spiritual body are rarely found. He equally brings skill and intuition into his work ~ always listening and responding to the body and its need.  His sessions are powerful, the work is deep yet held in a very safe and


“I was put into a heavenly state after Tyler’s AcroSage session. The healing benefits were similar to that of an advanced yoga practice but I did not need to do the work. With Tyler’s partner positioning in the body mudras, I was able to hang while in yoga poses and let gravity do the work to heal my body. It


“I feel deeply blessed to have connected with you in this lifetime. Thank you again for elevating my consciousness (or really bringing me consciousness) around my sexuality and the pain that resides there. Now that I’m aware of the pain, I am committed to healing it. And I can’t express to you what a blessing it is to know


“I couldn’t be happier to sing Tyler’s praises. The healing effects of our session have endured, and I feel so blessed and grateful to have met you. You are a healing artist of the highest order!  His technique feels deeply intuitive, dynamic, inspired and compassionate. After just one session, my body felt freshly aligned


“I’m still savoring my first session with Tyler – it has stayed with me and was truly life altering. We worked together in courage and trust to release something deeply buried through breath and touch. I had never breathed this way before! It cracked me open and helped my soul’s true desire to be revealed. He is a gifted and graceful